Fox Correspondent Criticizes Obama For “Politicizing” Gun Violence In The Wake Of Oregon Mass Shooting

Kevin Corke: “Politicizing Gun Violence Usually Is A Terrible Decision”

From the October 2 edition of Fox News' On The Record with Greta Van Susteren:

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KEVIN CORKE: Politicizing gun violence usually is a terrible decision. But I think what's happening here, Greta, is the president is being a little counter-intuitive and he's taking a gamble. He is figuring that people, if they keep hearing about the fact that Congress hasn't done something, maybe they will shift the blame on Congress instead of pointing the finger at the commander-in-chief.


CORKE: Listen, words matter. And you have to be careful because sometimes you can use the wrong phrase and it gets muddied. Your message gets muddied. But I think it's important also to say this Greta. And I think you hit on it a little bit earlier. By politicizing this the president runs an enormous risk because people don't want to see this politicized. Especially when you consider all the carnage that has happened not just in Oregon but all over our country.