Fox contributor Tom Homan: Media outlets are “playing the game” by showing pictures of women and children teargassed by CBP

Homan: Migrants at the border are “not true asylum seekers”

From the November 26 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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SANDRA SMITH (CO-ANCHOR): It's heartbreaking over the holiday weekend seeing these images of families and children being dragged across, some of them not wearing shoes. I mean, nobody wants to see that, Thomas. I mean, there is heartache when you see those pictures, there's the rule of law the president continues to hammer down on. How do you address both?

THOMAS HOMAN (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, first of all I've said many times I certainly feel bad for the plight of these people, but they're not asylum -- they're not true asylum seekers. They don't qualify under existing law to claim asylum, because they want to come here -- you've seen them, they're carrying signs, “I want a job.” That doesn't qualify for asylum. So I certainly understand the plight of these people. I can certainly understand them wanting to be a part of this country but there's a legal way to do it. And they're not following the legal process. They're using the asylum system which harms real, true asylum seekers that really are escaping fear and persecution.

But on your first point, about the women and children escaping tear gas, we've got to look at the facts here. A minority of this caravan, a small minority is actually family members, women and children. Most of them are adult males. But the media -- some of the media out there are grabbing shots of the women and children to try to pull at the heart strings of America, and, you know, and even the caravan itself, the people that are coordinating this whole event, they'll put the women and children up front to make it seem like this is 5,000 women and children when it's not. They're playing the game. Some of the media outlets are playing the game. This is a vast majority of males seeking employment in the United States. Not women and children. 


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