Fox Contributor: Rubio Is “Embarrassing Himself” The Longer He Stays In Presidential Race

From the March 10 edition of Fox News' The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson:

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GRETCHEN CARLSON (HOST): Let's move on to this because there are still other people in the race, right? Remember when Marco Rubio got down in the mud insulting Donald Trump over remarks about the size of his hands. Well it was right around then his poll numbers took a dive. Rubio now expressing regret, telling Megyn Kelly last night he believes it was a mistake.


CARLSON: See, I don't know if his poll numbers went down because of that or not. And by the way, once he started attacking Donald Trump, Katherine, a lot of people said, “where was he? He should have started that earlier.”

KATHERINE TIMPF: Right. Well you know it was funny. It was interesting to watch, but it wasn't worth it because he said, “I'm not going to stoop to this level. It goes against my principles to do personal attacks” and then he did that, which proves that you're desperate if you go against what you said you were going to do before. He needs to get out. He keeps embarrassing himself the longer that he's in the race. 

CARLSON: Really? 

TIMPF: I think so because he might lose Florida and then --

CARLSON: So what? He's not a politician anymore, he's not re-running for Senate. 

TIMPF: But if he does lose Florida, the benefit of winning Florida, he's still not going to win the nomination versus the cost of what would happen if he did. Which would -- he would be so embarrassed. And the benefit of winning one state, not going to be the nominee, not worth the money, and not worth the risk of how bad it would look if he did lose. 

CARLSON: OK you think it's that monumental? I mean, what if he wins Florida? 

BERNARD WHITMAN: He's not going to. He is ten, twenty points behind. It's a total embarrassment. And I think that his poll numbers were actually really, really low long before this. He doesn't have the broad appeal, he's the wrong messenger, he strikes me --

CARLSON: They were higher before Bernard. 

WHITMAN: Yeah, but they were always behind Trump, behind Cruz. He has not won -- he's won one state, I think he won Hawaii. That's it.

CARLSON: Minnesota. 

WHITMAN: Minnesota, sorry Hawaii, didn't mean to say that. 

CARLSON: It went to Trump I believe.


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