Fox Contributor: Marco Rubio “Has Absolutely Failed Now As A Candidate [...] It's Over For Him”

Ed Rollins: “He's Certainly Not Been An Effective Candidate”

From the March 8 edition of Fox News' America's Election HQ:

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CHRIS WALLACE: Now, one last thing I want to get to with you, Ed. Marco Rubio, single digits in Mississippi. Very possibly single digits in Michigan, could end up -- 99 delegates, he could end up with none of those tonight. What happened to Marco Rubio? 

EDWARD ROLLINS: I think when he got into the fray, he had a very optimistic, he was a very smart candidate, he should have stayed on that optimism, but when he got into the fray about three weeks ago, he got battered pretty badly -- and he's certainly not been an effective candidate. There's no place for him to go, even if he wins his state, which I don't think he will, it's going to be a very close race and there's no place for him to go after that. There's no support. 

WALLACE: No support? 

ROLLINS: No support. Look at these numbers, no support. He's at fourth place, now that Ben Carson is gone, at the bottom of the pack everywhere --

WALLACE: That's right, he can't even -- if Carson wasn't there, he might be in fifth place. 

ROLLINS: And it's sad, because he is a great talent, and a very smart guy. But he has absolutely failed now as a candidate, and it's -- I think it's over for him.


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