Fox contributor Karl Rove calls for indefinite government surveillance of Afghan refugees: “We’ve got to monitor these people”

Rove: “We can't just sort of say, welcome to the United States. Have a good life”

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Citation From the September 16, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox News Primetime

LAWRENCE JONES (HOST): They were promised that these were people that helped America in Afghanistan. But we don't know for sure all those folks are right now. So, what do you know about that? When are we going to start this process where we know these are the people that are on the battlefield with our troops and their families? 

KARL ROVE (GUEST): First of all, there is some processing going on every one of these individuals. In fact, in the first wave, there was a report that 44 people out of the first wave of several thousand were immediately sent back out of the country because we had intelligence that these were not good actors and had no involvement with U.S. Military forces.

We've got a pretty good handle on who did help the United States. Some of them went through the SIV process, but others have people who are willing to stand up and say, this person was helpful to our unit in the following manner. So we've got to put -- got to put an emphasis on that.

We've got to treat every one of these people, though, as someone worthy of further consideration and further, you know, observation. We can't just sort of say, welcome to the United States. Have a good life. We've got to monitor these people.