Fox contributor: Critical race theory is a “Marxist concept” that will “warp the minds of American children”

NY Post's Miranda Devine: Teaching kids not to be racist “is a recipe for social upheaval and mental illness, frankly”

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Citation From the April 22, 2021, edition of Fox News' America Reports  

JOHN ROBERTS (CO-ANCHOR): Joining us for more on this now is New York Post columnist and Fox News contributor Miranda Devine. We should point out that Thomas Jefferson is not just any school. It has consistently, since I can remember, been ranked the No. 1 public high school in the entire nation. And now this is taking place there without parents knowing about it. What do you say?

MIRANDA DEVINE: Well, it's terrible. We know that the Chinese Communist Party is teaching their children reading and writing and arithmetic while we warp the minds of American children and indoctrinate them in this ideology that is Marxist in nature and that teaches them that America is an oppressive regime that is based on whiteness. And that if you are born with white skin, that you need to be humiliated and ostracized and punished. And this is not a recipe for success. It's a recipe for social upheaval and mental illness, frankly.

ROBERTS: But this isn't just about Caucasians. When you look at the ethnic makeup of Thomas Jefferson school, it's 70% Asian, it's 20% white, it's 10% Black, Hispanic, and other. So the predominant race here is Asian. 

DEVINE: Yes, but, John, you don't get it. You see, critical race theory, whiteness, you don't have to actually have white skin. But if you have the mentality of a white person, then you are white-adjacent, I mean you are just as bad as a white person. It is a sick ideology. It is a cult. And it has captured the Biden administration as well as every corporate and elite institution in this country. We are teaching white children to hate themselves. We are teaching nonwhite children that it's OK to torment and bully other children because of the color of their skin. It is not a healthy situation, and we should not be trying to inculcate children into this cult. 

ROBERTS: Now, Miranda, I don't know if this is going to go anywhere but apparently there is a move afoot at Thomas Jefferson, whose admissions process is racially blind, it's purely based on merit, to change that admissions process to limit the number of Asians who get accepted to Thomas Jefferson.

DEVINE: Well, this is typical. We hear the Biden administration talk about this concept called equity. And equity is a Marxist concept. It is a dangerous, evil idea because it does not mean equality. It lulls you into thinking it means equality because it sounds like it, but what it means is it is about equality of outcome, not opportunity. So equality means that everybody gets the same chance and through hard work, you achieve. Whereas equity says we don't care how hard you work, we want this outcome, and we are going to force it. And human beings do not work like that. The only way you achieve that is with oppression.