Fox contributor calls for government shutdown over the border

Tom Homan: “Detain people, releasing people just brings more. If they don't do that, then shut it down.”

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Citation From the November 22, 2022, edition of Fox News' America Reports

JOHN ROBERTS (ANCHOR): Alright, let's get more on this. Let's bring in Tom Homan, former acting ICE director and a Fox News contributor. Just riff on that last point for us, if you would, Tom, and in order to identify and solve a problem, do you have to look at it firsthand, or can you look at it from afar? 

TOM HOMAN (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Look, I think — I think [Rep. Kevin] McCarthy said the right thing. You need to have hearings, right? What I didn't hear is the word impeachment. That needs to happen for Alejandro Mayorkas, but if they're going to have oversight hearings, and I can tell you, it's going to be damaging. You know, if they subpoena the right people, subpoena the right information, there's a lot of damning information that's going to come out of this that's going to force either the resignation or impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas. This administration has done nothing to enforce the law on the border, and oversight hearings will prove that. Now I will add this one thing. I'm glad McCarthy is going to the border along with other teammates. However, it can't be a dog and pony show. They need to go back to D.C. and take action. Now they control the House, they control the purse strings. They need to do something and go beyond just the border. They also need to look at interior enforcement ICE. Do not pass the omnibus bill. The omnibus bill drops ICE detention by 25%. You can't take the ICE beds away in the middle of historic border crisis. So they need to look at the border and interior enforcement and what the secretary has done to destroy both. 

ROBERTS: I want to jump ahead to call for number three here, and to the point that you made just a second ago. Even some Democrats say that the White House is not getting it on this. Karen Tumulty from The Washington Post did an interview with Mark Kelly, the senator from Arizona. She said do you think Democrats nationally have recognized the complexity of the issue and the frustrations that people have. Kelly said absolutely not, not even close. Kelly went on to say though, that he thinks that Republicans just want this as an issue, that they don't want to do anything about it. You just said a second ago that you think the Republicans need to come back to Washington and really dig in and work on this. Question for you, though. Even if they did make that decision to do it, given the make-up of Congress and the fact that there is a Democrat in the White House, is anything going to get done? 

HOMAN: Well, look, the oversight hearing is taking control of the purse strings. If this administration refuses to do one thing to slow the flow, if they don't take this national security crisis seriously and try to secure that border, and start by detaining people. Detain people, releasing people just brings more. If they don't do that, then shut it down. The Republicans can threaten to shut the government down. A lot of people say well, Tom, that's pretty drastic. We've got over 100,000 Americans die from drug overdoses of drugs come across that border according to DEA. You got 1,400 migrants have died on U.S. soil. You got 116 known or suspected terrorists arrested trying to come into this country illegally. They got 1 million got-aways. How many of them are known suspect terrorist? At what point is it drastic enough to take that kind of action. I think we're there now.