Fox, conservative blogs borrow Obama smear from anti-Semitic website

Proving yet again that the editorial standard at Fox Nation appears to be, “Does this story reflect poorly on Obama? Print it!” they are now featuring the following “report” on their homepage:

The ridiculously sketchy “report” in question is from the European Union Times. Never heard of them? I hadn't either, but as Roy Edroso explains at The Village Voice:

Also, the EU Times is itself crazy. They reported in November of last year that “Obama Orders 1 Million US Troops to Prepare for Civil War.” And some of their stories might be described as anti-Semitic (“China finally Learns the Truth about the Jews”). The Southern Poverty Law Center reported that the EU Times site “is registered to the wife of a racist skinhead gang member who was involved in a bizarre stabbing incident last month."

To give you some idea of the quality of news site we are dealing with here, I had to remove the links to the EU Times stories from Edroso's article because their website is infested with Spyware.

His reporting on the anti-semitic article checks out, though. Last year, EU Times reprinted a story by Ynetnews that was headlined “Anti-Semitism makes it to China?” and discussed a “bestselling book in China” that blames Jewish people for the global financial crisis. EU Times changed (spyware-free Google Cache version) that headline to “China finally Learns the Truth about the Jews.” They also added this lovely image:

In fact, if you head to the “Jews” section of the EU Times website -- it's listed right under “Satanism,” not to be confused with the “White Extinction” section - you'll find this article from last month, headlined “Federal Reserve said behind 95% decline in US Dollar.” It's illustrated with this image:

In case you can't see the caption there, it reads: “Pure Jewish Magic (Alan Greenspan & Ben Bernanke).”

The EU Times homepage also features this graphic:

The graphic links to a website that blames Jewish people for the September 11 terrorist attacks. From the synopsis:

Text supplement to the 'Jews did 9/11' Missing Links movie

This supplement will mention some of the incriminating information in the 9/11 Missing Links movie.

Jews have a history of false flag operations

The King David Hotel Bombing, the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty attack are a few of the well-documented Jewish false flag operations, in all cases involving the Jews pretending to be Arab Muslims.

Seems like a classy news outlet.

As Edroso also pointed out, Fox News wasn't alone in pushing the story, as several other conservative blogs picked up the ridiculous story, including Jim Hoft, Pam Geller, and Jammie Wearing Fool (who pulled the post without explanation). The story is also currently being linked as an “Editors' Pick” from NewsBusters' website.

It's safe to assume Fox Nation and NewsBusters will follow Jammie's lead and eventually just disappear this from their homepage... and replace it with the next absurd smear of Obama.


Well, that was fast (and predictable). The story has now vanished from the Fox Nation home page, replaced with "10 Reasons Why Obama Is the Most Naive U.S. President Ever."

The link to the article still works, however.

It's not clear why they ever thought this was fit to post in the first place, but in keeping with their usual tradition, they provide no explanation for why they pulled the story from their home page, and they'll never mention it again.

Meanwhile, in a solid piece of media criticism, former Fox News anchor and current Fox News Radio host John Gibson is chastising the “Mainstream Media” for “studiously ignoring” the Sarkozy story, which he sources to a “European blog.” I sense a conspiracy behind the mainstream media's refusal to run with stories from a lunatic anti-Semitic fringe website. Keep fighting the good fight, John.

(H/T to ZP for the Gibson post)