Fox Clings To “Climategate” Fable


Fox News is still trying to feed the myth that the so-called “Climategate” controversy showed climate scientists deceitfully manipulating data -- this time with Fox News' empty suit of misinformation Eric Bolling. Fox's apparent attempt to disavow the "anti-science" label couldn't last more than a week.

Yesterday, Bolling claimed on Fox News' The Five that leaked emails from “Climategate” showed scientists “saying, hey, look, we've been cooking the books here and we're basing a lot of our funding on these books.” Later on his Fox Business show, Bolling claimed that the scientists involved “admitted” that global warming is “hooey,” and “came out and said we don't have the data, the data is flawed. We can't prove global warming.”

Yes, that's what he thinks happened.

But less than two weeks ago, Fox News host Clayton Morris acknowledged that Rick Perry was wrong to say that climate scientists were “found to be manipulating this data.” Morris said that Fox's “brain room” investigated the matter and “Perry's comments don't seem to hold a lot of water.” This directly contradicts Bolling's claim that the “Climategate” emails showed the evidence of global warming to be fake.

Indeed every one of the several investigations into “Climategate” found that the scientists did not manipulate data to exaggerate global warming. Most recently, the National Science Foundation cleared Penn State's Michael Mann of scientific misconduct.

Fox News previously touted the National Science Foundation's inquiry as the “final say” in the matter -- but Fox refuses to let the truth have the final say when a lie is so handy.