Fox Business host rants against sex education

Katrina Campins: “I mean, when did sex become part of what we teach these young kids in school?”

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Citation From the February 16, 2023 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

KAYLEIGH MCENANY (FOX NEWS HOST): A damning report out of the city of Baltimore finds that in 23 of the city's schools, there were zero students who tested proficient at math at grade level. Think about that, 23 schools, not a single student, and that is tragic, but basic math isn't what the left is focused on. They're flipping out because of books Governor Ron DeSantis wants to pull from Florida schools like this one titled Let's Talk About It: A Teen's Guide to Sex and Relationships. It includes graphic descriptions and depictions of sexual acts, there's this one called It's Perfectly Normal. It's about changing bodies, sex gender, and sexual health, and it's for children as young as ten.

Katrina, our students are failing in schools, Covid has put them behind, the school closures that liberals insisted upon did that, but they're focused on Governor DeSantis who if you go look at his press secretary's website, Taryn Fenske, Bryan Griffin, they have these books up. They're inappropriate, so inappropriate we could not put them on the air right now, the pictures in there, but somehow kids can find them in schools in Florida.

KATRINA CAMPINS (FOX BUSINESS HOST): This topic makes my blood boil as the mother of a 5-year-old because we should be focused on math, science, what about teaching kids about financial literacy, and how to do their taxes?

But sex? I mean, when did sex become part of what we teach these young kids in school? And the fact that they're not allowing parents to determine when these issues are discussed and to teach them what to their values should be.

It's something that should be discussed at the home. I'm all about the home space, right? The home is where you have your sanctuary, your family values start. I have to be honest, I toured a lot of schools in Florida for my young son, and when I sat down with the principle, they said to me do you have any questions? And the first question was what's your stance on religion and discussing gender? And they kind of were like a little bit shocked. They're like, oh we don't go there. Like we don't go there, that's something that's left for the parents, but I think in a lot of states, that probably wouldn't be the answer, right? So I'm really grateful that I'm in Florida and I love Governor DeSantis. I love that he's taking a stance on this. I love his guts for this because I don't want anyone to take responsibility for teaching my son what I should be teaching him at school, and I mean, sex? It was just never a topic in my home, God forbid that ever come up!"