Fox Business host: Pictures of caravan “probably move the needle in terms” of independents supporting “border security”

From the January 16 edition of Fox Business' Mornings with Maria Bartiromo:   

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GRIFF JENKINS (FOX CORRESPONDENT): We are on the Honduran-Guatemala border in Agua Caliente, the northwest most corner. This is where the last caravan came and this is where this one has come. It moved remarkably fast, 200 miles all the way across the country of Honduras in one day. It started at about 1,000 and it grew to 2,000 and it's likely going to grow when they get into Guatemala, because about a third of the last caravan was Guatemalan citizens, and so they'll pick people up as they head towards Mexico and onward to U.S.A. It was interesting, as you see behind me, and our signal is not that strong, so I'm not going to move too much for you, Maria. But you can see as the light comes up hundreds of migrants beyond this police line behind me --

MARIA BARTIROMO (HOST): Griff Jenkins is obviously live on the ground in Honduras this morning. So his audio just went out. We're going to try to get it back. Griff, are you with us? But he is talking about this caravan swelling to 2,000. And it's pictures like this, Lee Carter, that actually probably move the needle in terms of those independents saying you know what, we want border security. 


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