Fox Business host claims Joe Biden has instructed colleges to ignore Supreme Court’s affirmative action decision

Payne: “President Biden just spent 20 minutes before that question suggesting that colleges ignore what just was handed down from the Supreme Court”

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Citation From the June 29, 2023, edition of Fox News' America Reports

SANDRA SMITH (FOX NEWS ANCHOR): Ok, on to the Supreme Court decision. I know you are fired up about this and you're doing a big thing on your show coming up. But on this major ruling on affirmative action, the president just spoke at the White House, as he was departing he was asked a question and he answered it. Listen. 

Alright, so now they will bar the use of race in college admissions. Your thoughts?

CHARLES PAYNE (FOX BUSINESS HOST): Well, you know, we'll see because President Biden just spent 20 minutes before that question suggesting that colleges ignore what just was handed down from the Supreme Court and Harvard has already sent a release out to all of its grads and other folks saying that they think they have ways around it. So essentially that's what they are saying. You know, and President Biden kind of wants that to be the blueprint for other universities. I think the decision itself was amazing, great. I've been waiting for a decision like this for at least ten years.


PAYNE: Because it is the ethos of America. He used the word fairness about two or three times in that press conference. How is this fair to bar students who have worked their ass off to get the best grades out there, to sacrifice so many things and say 'no, you don't get it because maybe your family had money?'. You know, and particularly the Asian kids in this country have been dominated. But this is the best news for Black Americans, it can be, it can be if we allow it.


PAYNE: Because maybe now we will demand strong education for our kids beginning in kindergarten, so this kind of thing becomes a moot point. We should never even have to consider things like this, if it wasn't for the bigotry of low expectations, mostly by liberal cities that do not think highly of Black people. Oh, they like us, but they don't think we're smart. And so, the Faustian deal has always been we'll give you a watered down education, your kids will graduate 12th grade with an 8th grade reading level but we'll make it up to you; we'll give you fair housing, we'll give you food stamps, we'll find a way to make it up, we'll push affirmative action, we'll get you into jobs that you may not necessarily be qualified for. That's the Faustian deal, it's time to end the Faustian deal.