Fox Business host compares Matt Gaetz to a toddler “eating toilet paper, shoving Cheerios up his nose to get attention”

Dagen McDowell: “that is what Matt Gaetz did yesterday saddling up with all those Democrats”

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Citation From the October 4, 2023, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered 

EMILY COMPAGNO (FOX NEWS CO-HOST): That's right, and these same American people -- ourselves included -- are the ones paying the salaries of those participating in the circus. Optics matters, and as well, so does harnessing this narrative for as we approach the election. This is absolutely appalling what went on under their watch. No explanation, no sound bites that gets likes on Twitter can explain away the absolute abomination that occurred in the congressional hall yesterday.

I note as well, the DNC response that said, alright well now that we are the adults in the room, that's exactly as this appears. It's similar -- let's bring up the football analogy again -- if you get hit first, if you hit back, you are the one that is penalized. So it doesn't matter, Gaetz's explanations, "But this, but this." It makes them look juvenile, and they are absolutely squandering our taxpayer dollars and our time, and most importantly, as Aishah Hasnie reported -- she caught up with Representative Graves earlier this morning -- everything is at a standstill because there is no precedence for this. We actually have no idea and the answer is, it's likely unobtainable, undoable that the existing subpoenas can be enforced, that we can issue new subpoenas, that there can be any oversight whatsoever. So basically, all of the movement the House was actually achieving, the things that were actually demonstrating value and dedication to the American people, appropriate stewardship of their funds, all of that is frozen right now. And it took fifteen times for McCarthy to get that speakership position. How many times is it gonna get this next one? He was voted in in January, they started in November. So all this time that we're going to waste. We are being so ill-served right now. Not served at all. 

KAYLEIGH MCENANY (FOX NEWS CO-HOST): And you've gotta get them all to coalesce around one person. And there are excellent choices. Jim Jordan, Steve Scalise, but you gotta coalesce around one. 

DAGEN MCDOWELL (FOX BUSINESS HOST): Right. Is Matt Gaetz gonna make each and every one who wants to be the speaker come kiss his ring and give him a pedicure maybe in public? To what Andy Biggs was talking about, Andy Biggs knew that the speaker, Kevin McCarthy, might very well get ousted, regardless of what happened in the coming week, and he knew that if the speaker was ousted that, to paraphrase what Congressman Byron Donalds was talking about, that the appropriations bills that they were working on would get tossed right out of the window and funding the government right out of the window coming up in November and securing the border right out of the window. So he did know that that would happen, and I just wanna say one thing about Matt Gaetz. You compared him to Ross Perot, and shame on you. You should not throw Ross Perot in the sewage lagoon with Matt Gaetz. I would compare him to that toddler that we've all seen at the family barbecue eating toilet paper, shoving Cheerios up his nose to get attention 'cause that's what Matt Gaetz did yesterday saddling up with all those Democrats.


MCENANY: Let's stop tackling team Republican, and tackle team Democrat. Figuratively speaking, of course.