Fox Business correspondent says “divisive” Biden to blame for attack on Pelosi’s home

Jackie DeAngelis: “President Biden, you got up to the podium and said you were going to bring us together”

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Citation From the October 28, 2022, edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

EMILY COMPAGNO (FOX NEWS HOST): Not everyone in their homes is safe as Paul Pelosi's situation has now demonstrated, frighteningly, and Jackie, I wonder, you know, is it too late, is the climate of violence, politically motivated or otherwise, again we don't know in this particular situation, is it too far to go back? Have the elected officials not done a good enough job of not only condemning violence across the board, but also turning down the temperature rather than sort of increasing rhetoric all across the board that maybe has people sort of riled up and taking things into their own hands, those sort of unfettered criminals and otherwise? 

JACKIE DEANGELIS (FOX BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT): I think that's a great question, and again, we're waiting to find out what the motivation was, but there are two things that we could have in our hands there. You know, a crime situation that just happened more randomly or with some motivation but wasn't really targeted at the Pelosis per se. That shines a light at what's happening not only in San Francisco but all these other cities. If we have a situation where this is politically motivated, you have to step back and say, why is our country so divided? President Biden, you got up to the podium and said you were going to bring us together, and that was one of the things you promised people. It's one of the reasons they voted for you and they backed away from Trump because they did think that he was divisive. So why is this happening and why are we so polarized? It's a huge question right now.