Fox Business' Charles Payne uses workers killed in Baltimore bridge collapse as an example of migrants “destroying the country”

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Citation From the April 8, 2024, edition of Fox News' Hannity

CHARLES PAYNE (CONTRIBUTOR): The foreign-born getting all of the jobs while native-born are losing jobs is obviously a red, red flag. Ironically, Janet Yellen was in China wagging her finger today at the Chinese for building a bunch of cheap stuff to export to America, but you know, when you open up the borders and allow cheap labor in or cheaper labor in, you're doing the same exact thing: You're destroying jobs.

It really is remarkable when you think about the Francis Scott Key bridge and the five men who were on it. You know, they were from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Central American countries. How many Americans, native-born Americans, live in Baltimore who are not working, in part because they get paid not to work? They make enough money so they don't have to fill a pothole on a bridge. We're destroying the country and it's time we figure this out because I don't know when we cross the Rubicon -- maybe we already have -- but at some point we will.