Fox Business' Charles Payne: There is an “anti-capitalism tsunami that is really upsetting the world” and it may result in President Ocasio-Cortez

From the September 6 edition of Fox Business' Making Money with Charles Payne:

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CHARLES PAYNE (HOST): Corporate virtue signaling all the rage these days but will it be enough to turn the anti-capitalism tsunami that is really upsetting the world these days? Big business trying to get in front of it. They want to appear is to be woke or concerned. Consider this week, you got Levi Strauss taking on guns and the Second Amendment, Burberry ditching furs and pledging to stop burning unsold products.  And then of course there's the marketing at Nike that takes on the national anthem and that's just the start.


Carol, I'll start with you, this is something that I am concerned about, and when I talk to, you know I have had an opportunity to talk to billionaires and I've had an opportunity to talk to some thought leaders on the right and business owners. And they kind of play it off. They kind of don't think it's a big deal. But I do believe it is. I see the political wind shifting, not just in this country but around the world, particularly in the West, and I think if we don't find a way to stem this tide we may wake up one day and find Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is our new President. 


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