On Fox, Black Guns Matter founder says “the left” is trying to make people in cities “comfortable slave[s]”

Maj Toure: The left is “lying” about gun control “to control people” and “make them think ... if you in, you know, an urban center in America, you must have a genetic predisposition to kill each other”

From the May 10 edition of Fox News, Fox & Friends:

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AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Tell us what you're doing, about this group, about this movement and how you're going into these communities. 

MAJ TOURE (FOUNDER, BLACK GUNS MATTER): So in essence, Black Guns Matter, we are a firearm safety and training organization that deals also with conflict resolution and deescalation. And urban centers across the country, a lot of times, you hear the word gun, it's associated with negativity.

DOOCY: Sure. 

TOURE: So in those areas where there's high level of guns control and high levels of ignorance along with it, we go into those places -- Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans -- where there is high homicide rates and just focus on cutting down on healing a lot of the trauma as well as empowering Second Amendment conversations in urban America.

DOOCY: OK, so, what do you say to the folks when you are out there? 

TOURE: So in essence we -- one, the firearm is the absolute last resort.

DOOCY: When you have an argument, put down the gun. Don't even think about the gun. 

TOURE: Yeah. When you get hit with that argument, and you say, well, you know, George Washington and those guys didn't put down the gun. You know, this is a part of American history. This is a part of our natural rights, our human rights to defend our lives should need be. But again, you get the firearm way after dealing with conflict resolution, deescalation, proper ownership, safe and responsible ownership. So all of those things are all encompassing in our group and what we are doing around the country.

EARHARDT: You said the left has made a good job of convincing urban America that firearms are not for them. What are they getting wrong? 

TOURE: The truth. American history. It's not even that they are getting it wrong, the left is lying. They're directly lying.

DOOCY: Why? 

TOURE: They are lying because it's a lot easier to control people and have them thinking that them having the ability to be a safe and responsible firearm owner -- that empowers people. Again, we talk about the founding fathers. When tyranny was presented, they said no, no thank you and they had the means to defend their value systems.

DOOCY: But why is it in the political left's interest to lie about that? 

TOURE: Well, you know, if I want a comfortable slave I have to make sure that I make them comfortable. I make them think a particular way. I make them think that you have a genetic predisposition if you in, you know, an urban center in America, you must have a genetic predisposition to kill each other just because an inanimate object is around.

DOOCY: Do you think that's going on? 

TOURE: I think that that lie is being told and perpetuated to urban America tremendously. I mean, it's everywhere, you know? They have to have better P.R. They have to keep lying because -- to, you know, urban centers because they don't actually have facts.


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