Fox and Friends hosts fearmonger that the Biden administration is flying undocumented people to swing states

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Citation From the July 18, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends Sunday   

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY (Host): So glad that he is bringing this up, you guys. Because this is what the federal government is working on. They're not working on securing your border. They're not working on arresting the criminals and making sure they don't come to our country. They're working on very quickly and secretly, this is the bad part about it, the worst part about it, is that it's being done without the American people's consent. They're secretly flying people from our border state areas, from the border area, and into the interior of the country, usually to swing states.

PETE HEGSETH (Host): Yeah. There's so much- go ahead Lawrence.  

LAWRENCE JONES (Host): I'm sorry about that, Pete. I think the key word for me was deliberate. I think --


JONES: When we hear the stories it's like, oh they didn't know it was going to happen despite the Trump administration warning them when you do this, this is what's going to happen. It's going to be a flow of people are coming into the country. Catch-and-release is going to be back on the books. You're going to have to fly folks all across the country. And then now you have the governors that have to step in. And you hear these stories and you say, they could not have known this was going to happen. No, they knew it was going to happen. But this was a part of their ultimate plan. 

As we have previously noted, right-wing media are misleading their audience about these flights. In reality, including during the Trump administration, migrants were flown to different areas of the country for processing when a certain processing station has backed up.