Fox and Friends host decries “evil incentives that are disincentivizing people to work”

It's unclear if Rachel Campos-Duffy was referring to the child tax credit, unemployment benefits, or something else

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Citation From the July 18, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends Sunday     

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY (HOST): And Donald Trump's policies were working. Under President Donald Trump, the wages of the lower and middle class were rising faster than the wages of the higher classes and that's not happening right now because as you know nothing hurt the working class and the middle class, and small business owners than this pandemic which was completely rigged to help oligarchs and other people who could open against the will of the working class. People are now being, I think, being prepped to become dependent on the government because of all these crazy and I think really evil incentives that are disincentivizing people to work. But the Democrat party is losing Hispanics. They're losing the working class. They're losing many working-class African-Americans as well. And you can see, Pete, from the military as well, you see the high-ranking, the generals, the top brass, are all woke-ified and parroting all these liberal talking points about race. And the working class who are the rank-and-file, the enlisted guys in the military, people like my dad, these people are still conservatives, they're still patriotic. They still love the country. By the way, they were very tight with Donald Trump. They loved him.