Fox anchors mock cohost when he points out white supremacists have been arrested for plotting violence at protests

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Citation From the June 12, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Five 

JUAN WILLIAMS: To my mind, look, the big point here is there's no evidence of antifascist groups being organized in any of these movements, all these arrests all over the country after all these protests two straight weeks, no evidence of any organized political effort except for white supremacist posing as antifa to try to stir up trouble.

GREG GUTFELD: Oh my god.

WILLIAMS: That's about it.


WILLIAMS: I think Trump--


WILLIAMS: I think what's going on here is that Trump is looking for a boogeyman that doesn't exist.

WATTERS: You're supposed to be the hard news journalist at the table, that's not a good look for you man.

GUTFELD: Men were beating up women.

WILLIAMS: Hang on Greg, he's looking for a boogeyman, Trump's looking for a boogeyman, he thought he had it with that 75-year-old in Buffalo which he tried to paint as some kind of terrorist, then America said 'what are you talking about? This guy is peaceful and the police rammed him over'

WATTERS: We've heard it Juan lets move it around.

GUTFELD: Yeah we saw beatings, brutal beatings and they weren't by white supremacists Juan.