Fox anchor gives former Trump official a platform to spout climate science denialism

Mandy Gunasekara claims Democrats are trying to “divert the American people's attention away from all the successes of the President Trump administration” by warning about the dangers of climate change

From the July 10 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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SANDRA SMITH (CO-ANCHOR): Senator Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez teaming up yet again, this time demanding the government declare climate change a national emergency. They're calling for the mobilization of resources on par with those of World War II. Over two dozen others have signed on to the resolution unveiled on Capitol Hill yesterday. Let's bring in now Mandy Gunasekara, she's a former Trump administration EPA official, she joins us now. Mandy, great to have you on the program, and welcome to America's Newsroom. First up, is climate change, global warming, whatever you may call it or how you see it, is it a national emergency?

MANDY GUNASEKARA (FORMER TRUMP EPA OFFICIAL): No, it's not a national emergency. It's not an existential threat. It's something that has always been occurring. Our climate's been changing since the very beginning of time. And what AOC and Bernie Sanders, who I would say are arguably the most overrated and ineffective members of Congress are trying to do, are divert the American people's attention away from all the successes of the President Trump administration. And I'm talking about the economy's booming, 6 million jobs are being created, heck, drug prices are even falling, and we are advancing the ball in environmental progress, and they do not want the American people to focus on that. They have to manufacture crises to try and divert their attention away.


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