Fox anchor downplays abortion as “one of the favorite topics of the coastal elites”

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Citation From the July 14, 2022 edition of Fox News' America Reports 

JOHN ROBERTS (FOX ANCHOR): And we see Mayra Flores' win down there in the south of Texas, in a stronghold for Democrats that had been there a century. That's an indication that things definitely are changing. When you also look at the issues as highlighted in that New York Times Siena poll, they seem to gravitate toward working folks in America and what they are concerned about. The economy, twenty percent of people said that was their most important issue. Inflation, fifteen percent. Then we get into the state of democracy down at eleven, gun policies ten percent, abortion, which is – tends to be one of the favorite topics of the coastal elites – is down there at five percent. So the economy is ruling the day here.