Fox Anchor Criticizes The “Appearance Of Impropriety” While Admitting FBI Official Who Oversaw Clinton Investigation Did Nothing Wrong

Gregg Jarrett On The Fact That The FBI Official Wasn't In Charge Of Clinton Email Investigation Until After Wife's Political Campaign Ended: “So What?”

From the October 26 edition of Fox News' Happening Now

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JENNA LEE (CO-HOST): One of the big news items that the week I'd like to talk to you a little bit more about is the -- an ally, a very important Clinton ally, giving money to the wife of an official at the FBI. Now, we hear from the Clinton camp and from Clinton surrogates, there's nothing illegal about that. But walk us through this, Greg, and why it's raising red flags. 

GREGG JARRETT: Terry McAuliffe, governor of Virginia, long-time fundraiser for Hillary and Bill Clinton. In fact, he's the guy that secured the personal loan on their 11-room mansion in Chappaqua. Personally secured it. This is a guy who can raise, without breaking a sweat, hundreds of millions of dollars, so he engineers all of this cash to Dr. Jill McCabe, who's running for state senate in Virginia. Well who's her husband? Andrew McCabe, who's the number two guy at the FBI, he oversees the investigation of Hillary Clinton. Now the FBI issued a statement saying, “Well, he didn't oversee the investigation until after her senate campaign ended.” My response is, so what? She still got the money. She's still beholden. 

LEE: But there's nothing illegal about the money?

JARRETT: No there is not. 

LEE: It's just a large amount of money we should mention.

JARRETT: But you have to look at who it goes to and who the husband is. Look, even the ethics advisers in the FBI told McCabe, “You have to stay away and recuse yourself from any political corruption case” -- 

LEE: Did he? 

JARRETT: -- “while your wife is running.” He did. But as soon as his wife ended her campaign, he jumps in and the biggest political corruption case of all, Hillary Clinton. It creates the appearance of impropriety and indeed more than that, a very direct and glaring conflict of interest and it taints the whole investigation. 


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