Fox anchor claims Fox News programming exemplifies John Lewis' “good trouble”

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Citation From the July 19, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Weekend

JEDEDIAH BILA (CO-HOST): First and foremost, would love to get your reaction and your thoughts on the life and legacy of John Lewis.

HARRIS FAULKNER (FOX NEWS ANCHOR): You know, we have just lost one of the biggest voices that are still in the struggle right now, and I think that the timing of this is really tough, you know, considering the fact that we need some clear voices coming from the protesters in the streets, so that we understand how best to move forward. He was one of those people, as we say back in the day, who could take what the moment was and put it in words in which everybody could grasp and come up with ideas for, in a singular fashion which could lead to action and change. And that's really what we're thirsting for right now. I mean, we get that people are protesting, but there's not one singular presence like an MLK, a Rep. John Lewis, God rest his soul.

And you know there's been a lot of discussion, Jedediah, and everybody this morning, about what “good trouble” is, and people are concerned well, you know, if you stir up trouble, what does that mean? Trouble is when you push for change and then anticipate and fully expect and see it through that it's going to happen. I'd like to say that we do that every day when we have discourse on television particularly, Jedediah, you know, on this program and at noon on Outnumbered, noon eastern. It's when you challenge the norms and when you challenge people who are in powerful positions, and you consider every voice at the table to have meaning. That's the kind of trouble that you want to stir up because that's the only way you bring about change. And that's really what tonight is about. I call it The Fight for America because it's a tough spot always to be in, fighting with each other, fighting against something. Why don't we in John Lewis fashion pull together as one America, one people, and cause -- stir up the change that needs to happen? We're not going to solve everything in an hour of television, but if we can advance the conversation in a solution-finding a way, that is huge progress and a blessing and I'm glad to be part of it.