Fox allows Tantaros to attack health care without disclosing ties

Fox News has repeatedly allowed “Fox contributor” Andrea Tantaros to attack health care reform without disclosing that she is a “Vice President with Sloane and Company where she specializes in crisis communications, healthcare, and public affairs clients.”

The firm does not specifically state who Tantaros works with, or what her work entails. Sloane & Company describes itself as “an industry-leading strategic communications firm specializing in corporate and financial public relations” and implements “programs that move beyond ideas into action and generate meaningful results for clients of all sizes.” The firm lists Pfizer and Take Care Health Systems clinic as among its clients.

Sloane & Company touts Tantaros' Fox News connections in her corporate biography, stating that she “is a regular political analyst and media commentator on Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and guest co-host on Fox News Radio.”

As a Fox News contributor, Tantaros regularly discusses health care issues without any disclosure or mention of her self-described work with health care clients.

On the December 21, 2009, broadcast of Fox News' America's Newsroom, Tantaros attacked the Democrats' health care reform bill as “a stinker of a bill” and claimed that the White House has “a gun in the mouths of the U.S. Senate right now.” Tantaros was identified as a Fox contributor and “media strategy advisor,” but her health care ties were not mentioned.

Tantaros has similarly appeared on shows such as Fox News Watch, The O'Reilly Factor (August 27, 2009) and Fox & Friends (December 21) to discuss health care reform. Her work consulting with health care clients was not disclosed.

Tantaros also writes a column for, where she regularly bashes health care reform. Tantaros is identified as a “conservative columnist and contributor,” or a former aide to Republicans.

Not that Fox News cares much about disclosure: the channel routinely fails to disclose financial and professional ties when it comes to its employees and guests.