On Fox, acting ICE Director Mark Morgan says targets of ICE raids “have had more due process than ... any country would have given an immigrant”

From the June 25 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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JEDEDIAH BILA (GUEST CO-HOST): Mark I want to ask you about these ICE raids because they've been halted for two weeks, President Trump hoping that Democrats come to the table and are willing to comprise. Call me skeptical but we shall see. But these raids have been vilified by many. ICE has been vilified by many. The accusation is that they're ripping up families. Can you give some truth on what's actually going on here with these raids and why they were necessary? Why they may be necessary? 

MARK MORGAN (ACTING ICE DIRECTOR): Yes. So thank you for asking that question. This is the thing that's just so incredulous and it's irresponsible, the rhetoric's that's out there. I want to make sure the American people know this is about maintaining the integrity of the system and forcing the rule of law. The individuals we're talking about are either criminal aliens or -- including families that have had due process, access to attorneys, access to interpreters, and at the end a judge ordered them removed and they still stay here illegally. They've received due process. If we don't enforce the rule of law, there's no integrity in the system and we might as well just get rid of the entire process. 


BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): So by the way, Nancy Pelosi came out and said all of your raids, your raids were about process. They are a violation of status, not a valid reason to deport illegal immigrants. Is she characterizing the raids correctly? 

MORGAN: Absolutely not. Absolutely not. Again, these individuals have had more due process than I think any country would have given an immigrant, and a judge has given them a final order of removal which they are not complying with. I've asked them to come to ICE. I don't want to send ICE agents to their home or work, but they refuse. They won't come to us and work with us to, in a humane, compassionate way, remove them to their country. We have no choice to get them. This is about the rule of law and in maintaining the integrity of the system. I object to that kind of rhetoric. 


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