Four Examples Of Fox News Serving As Scott Brown's Campaign Megaphone

When Scott Brown has a campaign proposal he needs to roll out, the Republican Senate candidate has a reliable partner in Fox News, which has produced numerous segments tailored around his campaign's initiatives. 

Fox's collusion with Brown on campaign initiatives is the latest ethics failure in its efforts to help the former paid Fox contributor in his race against incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. Brown previously used his Fox News employment as a launching pad for his long-discussed run for Senate, with the network's apparent approval. He's said that working for Fox News “really charged me up to” run for office again.

In recent months, Fox News has repeatedly helped Scott Brown promote campaign proposals related to border security, ISIS, Obamacare, and veterans affairs. For example:

  • On July 28, Brown released an ad attacking President Obama and Sen. Shaheen over border security. He appeared on Fox Business the next day to promote the ad.
  • On August 29, Brown announced he was calling on Congress to pass legislation against Americans who join ISIS. He appeared on Fox News that day to announce the effort.
  • Brown has been holding events called “Obamacare Isn't Working.” He has called repealing the health care law the “number one” issue for voters. The events involve businesses and individuals criticizing Obamacare as purportedly hurting the state. At the same time, Fox has hosted him to discuss the law, and aired a one-hour special in August featuring business and individual criticism of the law in New Hampshire. The Brown campaign has since incorporated the special into their campaign events.   
  • In May, Brown called for then-Veterans Affairs secretary Eric Shinseki to resign and alleged Shaheen isn't supporting veterans. Brown appeared on Fox News at the same time to discuss his efforts.

Fox News hosted Brown for a softball interview on September 10 following his Republican primary victory the night before. 

A rundown of how Fox News helps amplify Brown's campaign messaging is below. 

Border Security

July 14: Brown issued a press release claiming “the crisis on the border is mainly the result of the Obama-Shaheen amnesty policies.”

July 24: Your World. Brown appeared on Fox News, where he criticized Obama and Shaheen on the border, stating: “It's wrong. It's those failed policies by President Obama and Senator Shaheen supporting amnesty and supporting the DREAM Act.” (Fox programs have stated that they've sent requests to Shaheen to appear but haven't heard back.)

The Brown campaign touted the interview afterward.

July 28: Brown issued a press release announcing his “newest TV ad, titled: 'Secure Borders.' The 30-second spot features Brown speaking directly to the camera about the ongoing immigration crisis, and the need to enforce border security and adhere to the law.”

July 29: Lou Dobbs Tonight. Brown appeared on the Fox Business program to promote his “Secure Borders” ad. Dobbs began the segment by stating, “Brown unveiling a new television ad attacking his opponent, New Hampshire's Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen” then played the ad. Brown attacked Shaheen for “creating an economic problem and potential national security problem.” At the end of the segment, Dobbs promoted Brown's campaign website.

July 31: Kilmeade & Friends. Brown appeared on the Fox News Radio program, where he promoted his immigration plan and criticized Democrats.


August 29. Brown issued a press release calling “on Congress to immediately pass legislation that would strip homegrown terrorists of their American citizenship. The campaign also released a new web video on the growing threat of ISIS, and the need to stop them.” The release also touted that Brown previously “introduced the bipartisan Terrorist Expatriation Act, which would revoke the citizenship of those 'providing material support or resources to a Foreign Terrorist Organization' or 'actively engaging' in 'hostilities against the United States or its allies.'”   

August 29: Your World. Brown appeared on Fox News to promote his ISIS proposal. Host Neil Cavuto began the segment by stating, “Brown is calling on Congress to pass legislation that would strip homegrown terrorists of their American citizenship.” Brown ended the segment by stating, “if anyone wants to help, they can go to and help.”

The Brown campaign touted the interview afterward.

September 12: Kelly File. Brown appeared on Fox News to promote his ISIS call. Host Megyn Kelly began the segment by stating, “while he was in Congress he introduced a bill to revoke the American citizenship of terrorists, which didn't go anywhere. Senator, you think well this seems pretty noncontroversial, and yet it was, why?”

The Brown campaign touted his appearance in a press release.


Scott Brown has made Obamacare a central theme of his campaign, calling it the “number one issue” for voters. His campaign's issue page says the “people of New Hampshire take pride in individual liberty and freedom. Obamacare demolishes both.” Brown announced his Senate campaign in April by attacking Obamacare and referencing New Hampshire's state motto, “Live Free or Die,” stating: “It forces us to make a choice: Live free or log on ... Guess what? In New Hampshire, we choose freedom.”

Brown has been holding “Obamacare Isn't Working” events across New Hampshire, including on April 17, May 1, August 12, and August 21.

July 22: Brown issued a statement criticizing Obamacare as misleading New Hampshire residents into “thinking all is well with their health care ... Senator Jeanne Shaheen needs to explain her continued support for this failed law.”

July 23: Special Report. Brown appeared on Fox News and labeled Obamacare the “number one issue” for voters. He claimed families and businesses have been “dramatically hurt” by the law.

The Brown campaign touted Brown's interview afterward.

August 8: Live Free or Die: Obamacare in New Hampshire. Fox News aired a special about Obamacare in New Hampshire. Brown appeared and said he wants to repeal Obamacare, and criticized Shaheen for her vote. The special also aired criticism of Obamacare from businesses and individuals.

The Brown campaign held two screenings of the special afterward.  

Veterans Affairs

May 7. Brown issued a press release calling on then-U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki to resign.

May 23. Brown issued a press release stating that he “renewed his call for Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign” and called on Shaheen to “break with Obama to support our veterans.”

May 27: Fox & Friends. Brown appeared on Fox News to discuss his resignation call and attack Shaheen. Brown said “my opponent Senator Shaheen is with the president once again. As you know she votes 99% of the time.”

The Brown campaign touted his appearance in a press release.

May 30: Brown issued a press release praising Shinseki's resignation.

May 30: Your World. Brown appeared on Fox News to praise himself for calling for Shinseki's resignation.