Former Fox correspondent: The “access” that Fox hosts have to Trump is “questionable, if not dangerous”

From the July 7 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

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BRIAN STELTER (HOST): Yeah I think about the change at Fox over the years with Sean Hannity as the perfect example. Right, the show starts out as Hannity & Colmes. He has a liberal sidekick, co-host, they battle it out, and then he goes away and it's just Hannity's show now, and now he's doing a version of the nightly news that's an anti-Democrat, you know, fest. You know, that's the evolution of Fox. It started out with that illusion of fair and balanced, where Alan Colmes was there with Hannity, and now it's just all Hannity. 

CARL CAMERON (FORMER FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT): Well, and I'll take it another step actually: the access that some at Fox have in the entertainment side to the president is questionable, if not dangerous. It's not normal. There have been presidents who have confided in the press directly. Lyndon Johnson used to do it a great deal. There are some who've kept a great distance, but they need to be understood as allied. And unfortunately, in the name -- in cable news, an awful lot of it is ideology and entertainment, and opinion, and yet it's still on television, to some, looks like it's news, and there is a big, big difference.


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