Following AZ Immigration Ruling, Fox's Starnes Warns Of “Mexican Invaders,” Flirts With Secessionism

Fox News Radio reporter Todd Starnes reacted to the June 25 Supreme Court ruling striking down several parts of Arizona's immigration law by warning about “Mexican invaders” and questioning whether Arizona should consider secession.

Starnes' comments on secession came in a series of tweets about the ruling. From Starnes' Twitter feed:


Starnes added to those comments during the June 26 edition of his “Fox News and Commentary” radio segment. In the form of an open letter to Mitt Romney, Starnes asked the Republican presidential candidate why he wasn't “down on the border ... vowing to defend American soil from the Mexican invaders” :

STARNES: Justice Scalia says Arizona is under siege -- lives are in jeopardy.

Now is not the time for wishy washy statements about giving states more latitude.

Now is the time for tough talk, sir.

For leadership.

Why weren't you down on the border with a bullhorn in hand, Sheriff Joe and Governor Brewer by your side, vowing to defend American soil from the Mexican invaders?


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