In first Fox coverage of FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, Jesse Watters calls it an election ploy

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Citation From the August 8, 2022, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): This is going to absolutely enrage the country, especially the Republican base, a base that is clearly behind the ex-president. You look at the CPAC straw poll dominating it. You look at the straw poll they did for the Turning Point event. He dominated it. He is clearly the frontrunner to seize the Republican nomination. And polling now shows that he is going to defeat Joe Biden in 2024 if that's the match-up. So to then send FBI agents, we assume this is Merrick Garland, that the Department of Justice, Joe Biden's attorney general, to send FBI agents to Mar a Lago to the home of the president, you know, before a midterm election, in the run-up to a presidential election is insane. Is insane. Dana, and the people in this country are not going to go for this.

DANA LOESCH (GUEST): What a gambit. And keep in mind, too, and I know, Jesse, you've talked about this. This is the same FBI as well who sat on Hunter Biden's laptop for a year. And you had all of these security. You have all of these intelligence officials that signed this statement saying that it was all nothing but Russian collusion. And now they're all admitting that it's real, but they're only using it as a cudgel to try to threaten Biden for running again so that they can substitute in Gavin Newsom for 2024 because Biden's too much of an embarrassment. And I don't know which Joe or his son I mean, I don't know at this point. But yeah, you're absolutely right. I mean, I have no idea what they're thinking about doing this right before midterms. I mean, we're ninety something days out. I can't remember the number of days anymore. We're right out of midterms. So far, this has not provided anything. It has not produced anything. It has only added questions. And I'm – Democrats doing this when we have inflation, we have a recession, we have problems at the border. This is just nothing more than Democrats trying to settle political scores like it has been from the very beginning. This is a dangerous game they're playing and they have the audacity to encourage everybody else. I've been the insurgent or accusing parents of being terrorist when these people falsified a warrant to get a FISA surveillance on an innocent American. When you –  you've had the IRS targeting people. I mean, we were going to talk we were just we're originally talking about the IRS tonight. And now you have the double IRS, the IRS expansion. I mean, I'm almost it's weird. I'm in talk radio and I'm almost without words that the stunts that the governing party in the United States continues to pull to protect their power. And it's a dangerous game

WATTERS: We were told that the FBI wasn't going to get involved in any politically charged search warrants, investigations, announcements, indictments before an election. We were told that. I mean, remember what they did with the crooked situation with the server. They made all sorts of announcements, then they investigated the Trump campaign then. You saw what they did in October by covering up the laptop. And now they're going to they're going to send agents into Mar a Lago before the midterm election. This is not what we were told the FBI was going to do.