Even after reports confirm Manchester bomber was born in the UK, Fox speculates that he may have been a refugee

Fox's Catherine Herridge: “It will be key to understand whether he was born in the U.K. or whether he came to the U.K. at some point as a refugee”

From the May 23 edition of Fox News' America's News Headquarters:

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SANDRA SMITH: What about, also, Catherine, about the fact that the suspect is from Manchester, England, where the attack played out. Is that surprising to investigators? 

CATHERINE HERRIDGE: According to research by Britain's [TheGuardian newspaper and a major counter terrorism group, Manchester, England, is really a hub for terrorism recruitment. At least 16 young men from Manchester have been convicted of terrorism or killed on the battlefield fighting along with ISIS. This morning the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee warned about the stream of foreign fighters as the U.S. ramps up military pressure overseas. 


HERRIDGE: We're working to confirm more about the suspect but based on the reporting that's now coming out of the U.K., he was a British national of Libyan descent. So it will be key to understand whether he was born in the U.K. or whether he came to the U.K. at some point as a refugee, maybe as a child or more recently.


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