Establishment GOP Senate candidate says Tea Party backed primary opponent is winning because of Fox News

As David Weigel notes on's Right Now blog:

My colleague Perry Bacon is on the ground in Kentucky, where he filed this interview with fading/rallying (depending on whom you ask) Republican candidate Trey Grayson. For the umpteenth time, Grayson responds to questions about why Rand Paul is doing so well by grousing about Paul's national support.

“I've been on Fox News once, on a live feed on one of the shows, and I was told I was to expect a certain line of questioning, and I was given a different line of questioning,” Grayson said. Referring to Rand Paul, Grayson said, “he's on all of the time.”

“His dad had these phenomenal contacts, so … he's on Fox News every couple of weeks with softballs,” Grayson said. Imitating an anchor's voice, Grayson said the questions are like “Rand, tell us about health care, you're a doctor, Rand, tell us about the tea party.”

Weigel goes on to write that there's a great deal more behind Paul's success than “softball” Fox News interviews. Says Weigel:

Lots of conservatives get softballs on Fox News. Few have the hustle to run a serious Senate race. At the 11th hour, it's like Grayson still doesn't take Paul seriously.

Still, it's interesting to see an establishment GOP candidate making such complaints.