Eric Trump pushes election conspiracy theories on Hannity

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Citation From the May 4, 2021, edition of Fox News' Hannity

ERIC TRUMP (GUEST): I would add ballot harvesting. I mean, I think that's one of the big ones, right? I mean, they went -- I can't tell you how many people did this, certainly it happened in Georgia, but went all over the place collecting ballots, harvesting ballots, right? And there was real effort behind that, and there was real money behind that effort. Make no mistake about it. And those people should be prosecuted. Those people should be thrown in jail. I mean, you have that, and -- Sean how about how many duplicate ballots got sent? I mean, you have one person that moves from one state to the other, and all of a sudden they're getting four ballots in one state, four ballots in the other. That's not acceptable. Every person in this country should get one ballot, and they can't just be, you know, mailed out to random lists. I mean, states need to do a substantially better job, and the voting system in this country, there were a lot of problems with it.