Eric Bolling Is Trying To Cover His Bigoted Tracks (And Failing)


Eric Bolling, a Fox News host who is reportedly discussing a possible position in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration, deleted a five-year-old racist tweet about President Obama immediately after Media Matters unearthed it.

Bolling drew criticism in May 2011 after tweeting that Obama had been “chugging 40’s” in Ireland “while tornadoes ravage” Missouri. Earlier today, Media Matters called attention to that tweet in a post exploring Bolling’s history of making bigoted commentary and pushing conspiracy theories.

Moments after I flagged Bolling’s May 2011 comment on Twitter, he deleted the tweet and blocked me.

Unfortunately for Bolling, we have a screenshot of his tweet:

And a screenshot of his identical Facebook post, which he hasn’t yet deleted:

And video of him saying the same thing on his Fox show, which he can’t delete:

Bolling is trying to hide his racism, and he’s doing a terrible job of it. He is both too bigoted and too dumb for public service.