The dishonesty continues: Perino whitewashes Bush-era decision to prop up Adams' accusations

Taking subterfuge to a new level, Fox News this morning hosted Dana Perino to promote the right-wing hatchet job against the Obama Justice Department with a straight-faced denial that nothing similar happened during the Bush administration. It did. And while she worked there.

To review, right-wing media have taken the lead of GOP activist and "exhibit A" of the politicized Bush DOJ, J. Christian Adams, to accuse President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder of racially charged corruption tied to the Justice Department's decision not to pursue additional charges against members of the New Black Panther Party for allegedly intimidating voters outside a Philadelphia polling center in 2008. After the Bush administration chose not to pursue criminal charges against the party, its leader and the two members standing outside the polling center, the Obama administration's Justice Department successfully obtained civil judgment against Samir Shabazz for carrying a weapon outside the polling center while withdrawing civil charges against the other three parties.

Despite this fact -- which is not in dispute -- Fox News continues to dishonestly present Adams' specious case as if it's in any way plausible. Perino, for her part, synopsized Adams' allegations and philosophized:

PERINO: I don't know if we'll ever find out the truth. I know that if I -- when I was press secretary, and the situation had been reversed -- I definitely would have been asked if the White House knew about it. Or at least what the White House thought about it, because what we should get now from the Justice Department is at least some sort of an explanation as to why they thought it wasn't a good case.

Apparently no one will “find out the truth” watching this channel. More after the jump.

Nothing about what Perino said is true. In marked contrast to the Obama administration successfully obtaining judgment against a black defendant for voter intimidation, the Bush administration -- while Perino worked in the press secretary's office -- declined to pursue nearly identical allegations against white defendants in 2006.

In a February 9, 2005, article (Nexis), the Associated Press reported that Perino, “former communications director for the Council on Environmental Quality, is replacing deputy press secretary Claire Buchan.” Perino was named press secretary on August 31, 2007. Perino held countless gaggles and press briefings during that time.

And it was during that time that the Bush administration chose not to pursue charges against members of the Minutemen, who allegedly intimidated voters outside a Pima, Arizona, polling station in 2006.

Fox News has made a habit of omitting this fact in its relentless effort to prop up Adams' accusations. So it should come as no surprise that it turned to a first-hand witness to complete its whitewash of the Bush-era DOJ's decision that effectively ends this manufactured controversy.