Despite analysis to the contrary, Fox host claims no one will die if millions of people lose health insurance

From the June 26 edition of Fox News' America's News Headquarters:

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JULIE BANDERAS (HOST): Emily, hearing Nancy Pelosi saying that hundreds of thousands of people are going to die. That's before the CBO comes out and talks about exactly how many people will potentially lose their insurance, what these premiums will do to the American people. All of this information needs to come out first, before the Democrats can go and make their assessments, but yet, they are throwing the scare tactic out there. What you think of it, Emily?

EMILY TISCH SUSSMAN: Well, there’s a number of approximations that can be done on the basis of the House bill, because this is quite similar to the House bill, only with deeper cuts. So it’s actually about 200,000 people that are approximated would die as a result of losing their insurance. We know under the House bill, about 14 million people would lose insurance, and the cuts here are even deeper. So we know that’s a baseline that we can start with. Republicans are trying to rush this through, trying to get the deals made. As you mentioned, the votes are not there right now, so they're trying to make deals quickly. And they’re trying to bring it to the floor as quickly as a they can. Already, Republicans within the Caucus are pushing back, saying, look, the president called the House bill mean, this bill is meaner. It's going to kick too many people off insurance and increase premiums for many. It will also impact people who get their employer-based insurance, and that just does not jive well for a lot of senators regardless of part.

BANDERAS: Mercedes, this is the United States, OK? Nobody is going to be rejected with an emergency situation or any kind of major health ailment or anything that’s potentially life-threatening. To say that people are going to die is awful.


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