Democratic candidates interested in winning over Warren supporters would be wise to listen to why the senator refused to go on Fox News

Statement from Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters, on the announcement that Sen. Bernie Sanders would partner with Fox News for another town hall event:

Bernie Sanders’ decision to partner with Fox News for another town hall event is disappointing. Scores of major companies refuse to advertise on Fox News because they recognize it as a dangerous and malevolent propaganda operation. They know there are other ways to reach potential customers without supporting Fox News. 

It has already been demonstrated that Fox News town halls cannot change the dynamics of the primary. Undecided Democratic primary voters simply don’t watch Fox News. The only proven effect that these town halls have shown is that they always lead to an increase in Fox News smearing and attacking the participants in the days following the town hall.

Make no mistake -- the only entity that benefits from Sanders partnering with Fox News for this event is Fox News. For those campaigns interested in winning over Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s supporters, it might be wise for them to listen to Warren’s explanation for why she wouldn’t partner with Fox News and consider how Fox News uses the town halls to create a false impression with advertisers that they are a legitimate news operation.

Watch Sen. Warren explain why she refused a Fox News town hall here: