The Definition Of Insanity: WND Columnist Claims Fox Is Protecting Obama

Conspiracy theories don't get any more bizarre than this: WorldNetDaily columnist Jack Cashill claims conservative media, including Fox News, are acting as a “firewall” protecting President Obama:

Two days after the debut of my book, “Deconstructing Obama,” last week, I contacted the producer of a popular conservative radio show with a large national audience.


“Mine is the first book to address the birther issue in a serious way.” I wrote. “It also addresses the authorship issue. Right now, the book is something of a grass roots sensation. I need to push it up the food chain.”

Here is the e-mail I received back in full: “Thanks for the offer, but we make a point to steer clear of these topics.”

The “topics” in question, if explored intelligently, will almost certainly undo Obama's re-election bid, but producers and their hosts, as was obvious here, worry overly about their own imagined credibility.

To be fair, the host referenced above does not work for a network owned by multi-media mogul Rupert Murdoch, but several of Murdoch's most prominent hosts on Fox News have made a point of shunning both issues as well.

Although Murdoch may not be responsible for the conservative media firewall around the White House, no one is more capable of tearing it down.

There are, of course, a few obvious problems with this theory. First, there is no “birther issue.” Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. Second, Fox isn't participating in a “conservative media firewall around the White House,” it's leading a vicious campaign against the White House. Finally, Fox isn't “shunning” birtherism -- it's promoting birtherism.

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