“This is decidedly not a riot”: Shep Smith corrects Fox News colleague's characterization of G20 protests as violent

During the July 6 edition of Fox News' Shepard Smith Reporting, host Shepard Smith immediately shut down colleague Melissa Francis who characterized the protesters as “violent crowds.” Opening his show, Smith explained, “This is decidedly not a riot. These are protests.” 

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MELISSA FRANCIS (GUEST HOST, AMERICA'S NEWS HQ): A very violent crowd that came out that came out en masse carrying sticks, and trying to cause havoc at the G20 which still continues inside. I'm Melissa Francis, here's Shep.

SHEPARD SMITH (HOST, SHEPARD SMITH REPORTING): Well, it's three o'clock in New York and Washington.  It's nine p.m. here in Hamburg. I think we've all been watching this together. We have seen a lot of riots, I've been involved covering riots. This is not a riot. If you look, there are many people standing around. There certainly have been some skirmishes, police and some violent demonstrators have clashed, there's no doubt about this. Remember seeing this in Seattle back in the day. There are those that are anarchists who come from around the world and cause havoc, it's what they do. But, This is decidedly not a riot. These are protests.