On The Damage Report, Nikki McCann Ramírez explains how all cable subscribers fund Fox News and why it's time to stop

McCann Ramírez: “You have to make it impossible for Fox News to continue to get away with funding these types of statements, the misinformation, the lies and of course the violent extremism.”

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Citation From the June 12, 2021, edition of The Young Turk's The Damage Report

NIKKI MCCANN RAMÍREZ: The core of Fox News Network is their opinion side, it's not the news side. So any dollar that you are giving Fox News, even if that ad money is being put in the 8 or 9 a.m. hour, is still funding the vitriol and the bile that is emblematic of the network.


There are tens of millions of households in the United States who are paying for a cable package, and that means they're paying for Fox News. If you do not want to fund this, if you do not want to be giving your money to a network that has made it its mission to set aside the truth and simply provide reactionary commentary to American households, if you don't want to fund that, tell your cable company. Fox is in the process of renegotiating tons of its cable contracts, it's cable subscriber fee contracts, and we are in a great moment in time to put pressure on those companies to stop giving the network special treatment.