The Daily Show Blasts Fox's Food Stamp War

Stewart: “What's The Right Mixture Of Quality And Class-Based Shame Poor People Should Aim For In Their Meal Planning?”

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart lambasted Fox News' ongoing campaign to shame food stamp recipients, offering the network tips to prevent future distortions about the program: “Food stamps are used for food. It's a fact you can remember with this little mnemonic I use: FOOD. It stands for, 'Food stamps can only be used for Food, Oh Oh Dummy.'”

On the March 4 edition of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart highlighted the hypocrisy of Fox's many complaints about the food stamp program, known as SNAP -- the network has both criticized the program for allowing the purchase of unhealthy food and for allowing the purchase of food at organic markets, leaving Stewart wondering, “What the right mixture of quality and class-based shame should poor people aim for in their meal planning?”

The host called out Fox for pushing various distortions about SNAP benefits, such as the myths that they can be used to “buy things like iPads or cigarettes” or gambling at Vegas casinos. Stewart noted that the rules of the program shouldn't be difficult to remember: “Food stamps are used for food.”

Indeed, Fox has engaged in a long-term campaign to demonize and shame SNAP recipients, one that carefully toes the Republican party line to help prop up harmful policy measures. Fox's attacks were even cited in a Republican policy memo as justification for slashing SNAP funding just days before House Republicans voted to cut $39 billion from the program.

And now, as the network devotes ample airtime to previewing Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) upcoming budget proposal -- which shows no signs of deviating from his past efforts to push dramatic reductions in SNAP spending - it's doubtful that Fox's food stamp attacks will subside.