Congress just passed a historic stimulus bill. Fox News is ignoring it.

The pandemic relief bill is projected to bring millions of Americans out of poverty

In the two hours after Congress passed the American Rescue Plan, a historic $1.9 trillion stimulus bill that would lift millions of Americans out of poverty, Fox News devoted just one segment to the topic.

As Congress voted to approve the Senate’s amendments to the American Rescue Plan, Fox News was preoccupied discussing the surge of migrants at the border with a former Trump official.

cable news passage

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) held a ceremony to acknowledge Congress passing the bill, Fox News was preoccupied discussing the surge of migrants at the border with another former Trump official. Just minutes before, however, the network had found the time to go live to a group of Republican members of Congress giving a statement about the border situation.

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After a commercial break, anchor Martha MacCallum finally acknowledged the “historic moment at the capitol” with the passage of the bill for 20 seconds before she moved on to a different topic. Fox didn’t go live to the Pelosi and Schumer ceremony. 

Fox devoted just a single guest segment to the topic in the two hours after the bill passed, which was largely framed around criticism on the amount of spending and questions about Democrats “expanding the welfare state.”

maccallum welfare state

Fox’s lack of interest in a historic relief bill that largely benefits low- and middle-income Americans, and has overwhelming support from the American people, shows just how removed the so-called news network is from the news of the day.