Chris Wallace And Bob Woodward Agree Clinton Was “Gloating” After Debate

Woodward Lectures Clinton: “As We Try To Teach Our Children, When You Win Something, Don't Gloat. Humility Works”

From the October 2 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday

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CHRIS WALLACE (HOST): There is Hillary Clinton, who certainly acted after the Monday debate as if she was the clear winner. 


WALLACE: She was enjoying herself. Bob, you say that you were on the road this week in North Carolina. You talked to a lot of people, and that kind of, I think it's fair to say, gloating didn't set too well? 

BOB WOODWARD: Yeah. She won the debate. I think there's universal agreement on that. I guess Trump would not agree. But she really did. But, you know, that clip shows this kind of self-congratulation, this self-satisfaction. And as we know and as we try to teach our children, when you win something, don't gloat. Humility works. And the problem for her is this feeds the notion that she's in this for herself. You see that. She was overjoyed with what she did. Fine, take a victory lap, but there is -- something like that doesn't get dialed back, and it probably should. 


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