Carlson falsely claimed Clinton called half the country “wackos” in convention speech

CNN Crossfire co-host Tucker Carlson claimed that former President Bill Clinton called Republicans (whom Carlson said are “half the country” ) “wackos” in his July 26 speech to the Democratic National Convention. When CNN host Larry King corrected Carlson during a panel discussion on Larry King Live, saying, “He [Clinton] didn't say 'wacko,'” Carlson retracted and reworked his charge as follows: "[W]hat he did say was, '[T]hey [Republicans] need a divided America,' and that's -- I don't know -- pretty stout criticism. I don't think it's entirely fair. And coming from the former president, I think it's a bit heavy."

The text of Clinton's convention speech, free of any reference to anyone as a “wacko” , is available here.

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