Brian Kilmeade says it's “counterintuitive” for America to have COVID restrictions because we settled the West

Kilmeade: We went to Texas to start anew, there was no safety net, there was no welfare, there was no unemployment"

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Citation From the January 19, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox News Primetime

KAROL MARKOWICZ (GUEST): The new line is even after we're vaccinated you are gonna have to keep those masks on and you're gonna have to keep social distancing. I just, I feel like people have gotten the pandemic fever and they've gotten this like insanity where they don't think that they can live with any percentage of risk whatsoever and I'm sorry, that just isn't real life. You can't live with no risk, leaving the house requires risk. Even staying home will have some risks. So the idea that we are going to just hide forever from this virus is just never going to happen, we should celebrate the fact that we have the vaccine and go back to our regular lives.

BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): Is it counterintuitive too Karol, because America is this risk taking society that settled this country by moving out west gradually, did not know what was around the corner? There was no drone, there was no Hagstrom map to tell us where to go. We did it anyway. When we went broke we went to Texas to start anew, there was no social safety net, there was no welfare, there was no unemployment insurance.

MARKOWICZ: Yeah, absolutely. That's absolutely right. The American Dream required risk, it required leaving where you were and coming to America and starting anew and I think that we really lost that perspective. We've become this really afraid society especially in the last year and I think we've become so averse to any risk. And our politicians promise to keep us safe by, oh you know, just taking away schools from all the kids. It's really dangerous this path that we are on and I want to see us get off of it and the vaccines will help us get off of it if we can trust in that.