Bolling Whitewashes His Own Past: Nine Of His Personal Attacks On Obama

Today on Fox News' The Five, host Bob Beckel asserted that co-host Eric Bolling has frequently attacked President Obama, to which Bolling responded: “Barack Obama's never been attacked by Eric Bolling. Eric Bolling attacks Barack Obama's ideology, his politics, and his turning America into a socialist state.”

That's an amazing failure of memory on Bolling's part given his repeated personal attacks on Obama.

To refresh Bolling's memory on his record of personal attacks, here's a trip down memory lane.

Bolling Hyped Conspiracy Theories That Questioned Obama's Birth Certificate:

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Bolling Falsely Claimed That Obama Had Been A Drug Dealer:

(Bolling later wrote on his Twitter feed: “Said yesterday that I thought the President had admitted to buying or selling drugs. I was wrong. And I apologize to him for my mistake” )

Bolling Cast Doubt On Obama's Religion:

Bolling Suggested That Obama Drinks Too Much:

From Bolling's Twitter feed

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Even when marginally related to policy issues, Bolling's attacks are remarkably personal.

Bolling Said That Obama Was Hosting “Hoodlums” In The “Hizzouse” After Learning Obama Was Meeting With The Gabonese President:

Bolling Said That Obama Was “Chugging 40's” In Europe Instead Of Responding To The Tornados In Joplin, Missouri:

(Bolling later said he was sorry for saying this and had gotten “a little fast and loose with the language.” )

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Bolling Implied That Kenya Is Obama's “World” :

Bolling Wondered Whether Obama Is “Egomaniacal” For Playing Golf:

Bolling Attacked Obama For Going On Vacation:

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