“Big Second Place Win”: Fox News Reporter Hypes Rubio's South Carolina Finish As A Big Win

John Roberts: “Rubio Racking Up Endorsements Ever Since ... That Big Second Place Win”

From the February 23 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): That was Senator Marco Rubio in Nevada earlier today, telling voters that the big name Republican endorsements he picked up yesterday prove that he's the man who will lead the GOP to victory in 2016. Senior national correspondent John Roberts is live in Grand Rapids, Michigan tonight. John? 

JOHN ROBERTS: Alright, Megyn good evening to you. Its been a long day for Marco Rubio just wrapping up a rally here in Grand Rapids. Earlier in the day he was in Minneapolis, started off the day in Las Vegas, but decided hey the caucuses are one day, but Super Tuesday is ahead, that big Michigan primary is ahead, so he wanted to get out there and get on the road. At every stop, making the argument he is the one who can unify the party. He is the one candidate that Republicans can coalesce around, pointing out, without mentioning him by name, that Donald Trump already has 65 percent of Republicans don't want Donald Trump to be elected president. Suggesting that if you nominate someone that can't get elected in the November election, you really are wasting your vote, what's it all for? It's not really worth much. Rubio has been racking up endorsements ever since he came out of South Carolina with that big second place win, but most of those endorsements have been from establishment Republicans and Rubio has been sort of portraying himself as not of the establishment.


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