Beckel Pulls Back The Curtain On Fox News' Editorial Policies

Fox News' Bob Beckel, co-host of The Five, seems to be perpetually disgruntled. You can hardly blame him -- not only is he the sole progressive on the show, but he's forced to spend five hours a week debating politics with a brain trust that includes Greg Gutfeld, Eric Bolling, and Monica Crowley.

But Beckel's Fox News blues are about more than just being outnumbered. As he made clear on tonight's episode of The Five, he's also stymied by Fox News producers who want to hobble The Five's one progressive voice.

BECKEL: I'll tell you what's also off the table was the discussion about the Republicans splitting the party apart, but the producers decided to can that.

This isn't the first time that Beckel has called out his network's behind the scenes management. Just yesterday he criticized Fox News producers for cherry picking stories about the stock market -- and the week before that he called out the “crap” he said Fox News producers wrote for the show.

If Fox can't actually manage to be “fair and balanced,” they at least have someone willing to tell the truth about what is going on behind the scenes.

We'll see how long Fox allows Beckel to do that.