Angelo Carusone: Bill Shine “has a professional history steeped in extremism, lies, and enabling sexual misconduct”

Media Matters President Angelo Carusone released the following statement following reports that former Fox News co-President Bill Shine, a long-time Roger Ailes acolyte, is expected to be the new White House communications director.

Shine was at the helm of Fox News as it transitioned from being a partisan political operation to a pro-Trump propaganda arm. His biggest credential is that he somehow managed to turn Fox News into something more extreme and disreputable than it was even under Roger Ailes. And to top it off, he facilitated and enabled serial sexual misconduct for years.

To put it bluntly, it’s no surprise that the White House selected someone who has Sean Hannity’s personal seal of approval and who has a professional history steeped in extremism, lies, and enabling sexual misconduct.

Bill Shine resigned from Fox News amid reports that he helped cover up harassment allegations, including against former chairman and CEO Roger Ailes. His resignation came just two weeks after Fox News was forced to fire Bill O’Reilly when advertisers boycotted his show because of reports of serial sexual harassment. Shine had been promoted to co-president after Ailes’ ouster in August 2016 over repeated sexual harassment complaints and lawsuits. Shine was also referenced in multiple lawsuits against the network for his “complicity” in enabling a toxic work culture.