After Trump publicly calls for China to investigate Biden, Fox News says “the president is winning”

Chief national correspondent Ed Henry: “Donald Trump, I think, is sitting back and laughing”

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Citation From the October 3 edition of Fox News' The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino

DANA PERINO (HOST): What about this? So President Trump, right before he left, he's at the South Lawn and he says China, you know, I think you should look into this. 

ED HENRY (CORRESPONDENT): He left the door open at least.

PERINO: Right, so some might say on the Democratic side, as you saw Schiff doing basically, is that like, he's doing it in plain sight. Right? So, does the president not think that that would be a problem? 

HENRY: He clearly doesn't think it will be a problem and what I'm seeing in this story is a shift from the focus from the president talking to Ukraine, the president talking to China, to Joe Biden being on defense. And I think the bottom line from all of this, yes, is there a political peril for the president? Sure. Nobody wants to be impeached, you would assume. This would be a stain for him but we’ll see whether the Democrats go through with that. In the meantime, the president is winning and Rudy Giuliani had some winning because they both wanted to get the story out there. They both wanted to put Joe Biden on defense. Joe Biden says it’s because they're worried about him in a general election winning Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan. We'll see whether that's true or not. Here's my point: Joe Biden now is not talking about health care. He's not talking about jobs. He's talking about Hunter Biden. He’s talking about business deals. And to Peter Doocy's point, we are not seeing a vigorous defense, a vigorous explanation from Joe Biden about what went wrong. It’s sort of, leave my family alone, were not going to be knocked out of the race, but I haven't heard him explain why his son was getting $83,000 a month with no experience in the energy business. And I also know that the only time Joe Biden has really gotten into the nitty-gritty was when he said I never -- to Peter -- I never spoke to my son about this, when his own son had contradicted it in the New Yorker magazine. So the big picture here is you know, Catherine's reporting about the back and forth and the Democrats say this and the Republicans say that and on the campaign trail Peter's got this. But big picture, Donald Trump, I think, is sitting back and laughing because Joe Biden is in real political peril now where he wasn’t a few weeks ago. Look at the polls.